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Hydraulic Lifting Double Deck

A unique Hydrolic Lifting Flexiblity double deck system (HYLIFLEX)

developed and patented by Lavmands for trailer and lorry build-up


The system was developed during 2012 and 2013 and subsequently patented by Lavmands – a Danish truck and trailer repair and build-up company. The company has since end 2013 delivered numerous systems for trailers and trucks in Denmark.

HYLIFLEX offers a series of benefits to drives/loaders of trailers and lorries including:

  • Easy load/off-load of pallets (the driver handles all operations without use of forklift or similar
  • Individually adjustable sections depending on trailer length/width
  • Improved cargo space efficiency and load utilization – up to 100% increased load capacity
  • All Hyliflex beams are totally integrated in the floor when in position “low”
  • Load capacity per section is 1800 kilos
  • Savings on fuel economy and CO2-emissions


Adapts itself to the current goods

Each decks can be lifted/lowered independently of the other decks, so that can be loaded with high and low pallets in random order.


Is not needed

Both layers can be loaded with a pallet jack.
The lifting Deck lifting up the platform loaded with the goods.

Maximum lift of each section 1.800kg

Both layers can be loaded with a pallet jack or with a electric powered pallet jack


Lifting platforms

In 3 versions

Open platform with 3 cross beams

  • ternal wide - 2474 mm.
  • length - 1242 mm.

Closed platform with floor

  • ternal wide - 2474 mm.
  • length - 1242 mm.

Closed platform with floor 2,6

  • ternal wide - 2474 mm.
  • length - 2592 mm.

Examples of constructions

On HyliFlex with 1,25 meter lifting platforms

HyliFlex 2,6

With 2,6 meter platforms

Loaded with stage equipment.

2 loads in 1 trailer

See it in funktion here

Air Cargo

7 pallets in 1 trailer

Special version of HyliFlex for Air Cargo.

The loading is done automatically - without people on the truck

Patented in

Denmark, Europe and in the US

Inside Inside 4
Inside 5 Ekstra 7
inside 6 inside 7
Ekstra 6 Ekstra 8

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